Husseini: Judaize Jerusalem and unloading procedures constitute war crimes

Mr. Adnan Husseini described the Minister for Jerusalem affairs in the Palestinian government what the Israeli occupation authorities to Judaize and unloading of the Holy City special war crimes proceedings, and it is working to impose a new reality is fake in this city , which was sought by the Palestinian people , the capital of the independent state next.
This came in a statement to Hosseini Voice of Palestine Radio reported today in response to the occupation authorities decision to release Palestinian families in Jerusalem , in Sheikh Jarrah.
And denounced al – Husseini Israeli practices in this area and based on the recovery of what it calls allegedly to “Jewish property” in the city of Jerusalem, while denying faithful on Jerusalemites who have been robbed of their rights and their property in the western part of the city, considering it a form of racism pursued by the occupation authorities, and a blatant attack on the charters of human rights and international norms and laws.
He stressed that the forgery and counterfeiting policy pursued by the Israeli occupation authorities in the various occupied city of Jerusalem , areas where excavations down Aqsa Mosque and the Old City mosque, grab the homes of those who are sanctified in Silwan and Sheikh Jarrah, and use the ugliest methods of private intimidation used against unarmed citizens and the arrest of minors and children implementation and the general population about their rights defenders, are doomed to fail and will not succeed because the Palestinian people , who have been holding over the 64 years ago and blew his revolution in the darkest conditions will not Bstzlm and will remain steadfast in the land of their fathers and forefathers even regain their legitimate rights

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