Jordan’s initiative to declare Jerusalem the eternal capital of Arab culture

Announced in Amman on Thursday evening for an initiative to proclamation of Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Arab culture.
And Mohamed Al – Abbadi representative of the Minister of State for Media Affairs and Minister of Culture of Jordan during a ceremony organized by the Cultural Forum units evening at Al Hussein Cultural Center under the “spring of Jerusalem , the fourth” Festival of the Ministry of Culture ‘s efforts to adopt Jerusalem as the capital slogan of Arab culture since its launch Aban meeting of Arab Ministers of Culture in 2006 .
Ebadi said that the Jordanian Ministry of Culture are still continuously and tirelessly working to set up a variety of cultural and artistic activities directed mostly to Jerusalem , including the creation of the Jerusalem Cultural Festival, due to what it represents a symbol of sacrifice and redemption , and the embodiment of the saying Jordan’s King Abdullah II “to Jerusalem ‘s special place in the hearts of Jordanians. ”
In turn, the official spokesman for the initiative Mohammed Abu Amer pointed out that the proclamation of Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Arab culture is to emphasize the importance of the city and its holy sites , which continue the occupation assaults on the spiritual and civilizational and cultural Morotha Arab as the initiative aims to emphasize the right of return and the rejection of the so – called “alternative homeland” and restore the forefront of Jerusalem It values the
historical, spiritual and activate the city ‘s inclusion on the list of World Heritage in danger danger due to the Israeli occupation crimes.
And denounced the speeches before the ceremony , the Israeli occupation located on the Holy City of crimes in an effort to change their identity and culture and civilization and change its parameters and the names of streets and demographic composition and geographical, confirming their call for the world cultural and humanitarian institutions to expose the occupation tactics and work to break the cultural isolation of Jerusalem and the orientation to halt settlement cancer above and below and Identity Protection cultural city and activating cultural and humanitarian movement to maintain its Arabism and its parameters and to stop history

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