Worshippers and Msatab science students are winning the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the settlers evicted him

Mahmoud Abu Atta – “Al – Aqsa Foundation” – filming: “Far Building Foundation and the sanctities” ,
“Al – Aqsa Foundation for Waqf and Heritage said” the circulated a statement AD that marabouts and worshipers and students of project “revive Msatab science at Al – Aqsa” from the people of Jerusalem and the Palestinian home , who sponsored “enterprise architecture Aqsa and the holy sites” – and guards Aqsa mosque, and in spite of all strictures and military actions inside the Al – Aqsa mosque and its surroundings, but they have gathered their numbers and besieged settlers who stormed the Al – Aqsa mosque and Dnsuh in the morning hours Allbeckrh- the number of intruders on Groups and individual about 140 settlers led some rituals Telmodah- and succeeded worshipers in the expulsion of groups of settlers outside the al – Aqsa mosque, and glanced harmlessly off the voices Almkiprin and cheering at the Al – Aqsa, which led to the occurrence of scuffles and verbal altercations between marabouts and the occupation forces, who attacked on a number of worshipers from including children, have also been arrested a number of worshipers.
Commented , “Al – Aqsa Foundation” on current events and successive Aqsa by saying: “We affirm that the presence of the occupation in the al – Aqsa mosque is a void, and that attempts to impose a Jewish presence almost daily in the Far strongly weapon will fail, and that all Ajerouat occupation to impose the division Zamani fixed and where I am or temporary Aqsa between Muslims and Jews, will crash on a rock early and lasting in the Far our partnership, and that address the congregation of the elderly and children, women and students Msatab flag in the Far today , despite their numbers , Ltd. and preventing prepare them to enter the Al – Aqsa, is a clear message to the occupation that the al – Aqsa mosque is the exclusive right Muslims and not right for others , even the seed of the dust of one, and the message to the nation that the worshipers who are able to reach and access to Al – Aqsa although few in number and their potential but they insist that the form of human protection from the Al – Aqsa mosque, and they’re waiting for the nation out of its silence, and the triumph of the Al – Aqsa mosque, in this important moment in the history ofAqsa mosque

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