Occupation Court decided to extend the detention of 14 Jerusalemite

Said PPS useful Haj ‘s lawyer, that the Israeli court in Jerusalem, extended the arrest of 14 from Jerusalem, all of Mohammed Ghosheh (21) years, and oversaw Zaatari (26) years and Fayez Albetona (18) years, the Court ordered Pettmdidhm until Sunday corresponding to the sixth of July of this.

It also extended 6 of Haaaft; they are all from the boy Tareq Abu Khudair (15) years and who was transferred from the hospital after being attacked by Israeli soldiers during his arrest, in addition to Mahmoud Abu Khudair (16) years, and Mohammad Abu Naa (15) years, and Karim Abu Khudair (23) years, and Amer Hassan (32) years, and Shawish Fathi (22) years, until the seventh of July of this under the pretext of an indictment, except for the minor Tareq Abu Khudair, which extended the pretext of completing the investigation.

As each of Ahmad Salhab (15) years, and Nasser Abu Sabih (21) years, and Khaled Abu Sneineh (24) years, and Alaa Abu Laban (25) years and intercessor Salhab (18) years, the court decided to extend the detention of the history of the sixth of July under the pretext of completing the investigation with them, all from Beit Hanina.

The occupation authorities have detained yesterday during clashes that broke out in Jerusalem, following the settlers kidnapped the boy Mohammed Abu Khudair and killing and torturing him and burned.

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