Photo acrobatic dances disgraceful for foreign tourists in the al-Aqsa mosque

Far Building Foundation and the holy sites –
called “Al – Aqsa Foundation for Waqf and Heritage” in a press statement circulated Wednesday, 05/09/2012 Islamic nation and the Arab world and the Palestinian present to adopt the events and activities of the permanent and continuous support of the Al – Aqsa Mosque, pose lever to counter the attacks the Israeli occupation forces against the al – Aqsa mosque and the city of Jerusalem, the Foundation has proposed to take all segments of the nation ‘s scientists and princes and peoples and rulers and institutions active role, and turns to deal with the issue of Jerusalem and Al – Aqsa from seasonal treat or handle cold only actions, into a permanent deal and an initiator to make a case Jerusalem and Al – Aqsa issue of permanent and pivotal nation, be with the passage of time , the stage for the adoption of a comprehensive strategy to rid the Al – Aqsa mosque from the clutches of the Israeli occupation, at the same time , “Al – Aqsa Foundation , ” has called on parents in the Palestinian territories and Jerusalem to intensify their presence permanent, Rabat and early in the al – Aqsa mosque, and the intensification of decamp Permanent presence via the “march of flags” and the “revive Msatab flag in the Far”, as one of the important steps and events in the defense of the sanctity of the first qiblah.
Came the demands of the “Al – Aqsa Foundation” Based on the developments in the al – Aqsa mosque and the city of Jerusalem, and in light of reading the present and the future of this important file, the institution that confirmed the Israeli occupation climb clearly assaults and targeting Al – Aqsa Mosque, and increase the frequency of occupation plots against al – Aqsa mosque, and it is imperative pay very close attention to all this is very dangerous schemes.

The institution that the occupation is pursuing today’s slow Judaization against Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa mosque policy but continuous Judaization and the arena and dangerous, and the most prominent schemes this Judaization attempt to deal with the al-Aqsa mosque yards as public squares, and to encourage the activities are in the end to form a general picture of the Al-Aqsa Mosque yards are public squares like other public spaces not only, she said, “Al-Aqsa Foundation,” it’s got pictures and documentation carried out by the “Al-Aqsa Building Foundation and the holy sites” refers to the extent of the deliberate Israeli violation of the sanctity of Al-Aqsa mosque and desecrate, where he repeated in a recent actions reprehensible by foreign tourists by encouraging and the protection of the occupying forces, including the tourists and the tourists games and movements and dances acrobatic shameful in the Al-Aqsa mosque, and the accompanying words obscene and voices resound, as the occupation began introducing groups of university students gather pierced ears pierced in the al-Aqsa mosque, and receive counseling and guidance, similar to the rings guideway in the public space, which is what happened before a few days, also falls in this area announced by the Israeli Minister of Education, “Gideon Sa’ar” days before “boasting” of his ministry was able to cross the new policies and their effectiveness own to visit the city of Jerusalem around 550 000 students from school students from primary and secondary schools, including thousands of Jews who have visited and toured for the first time in the “temple Mount” – a word occupation falsehood Al-Aqsa mosque “- and at the same track swarms and groups of recruits Israeli military uniformed has taken storm the Aqsa in groups, most recently storming of about 80 recruits to the Al-Aqsa mosque after noon on Tuesday, moreover incursions elements of the Israeli intelligence for the Al-Aqsa mosque and Msalyate roofed en masse.

“The Al-Aqsa Foundation,” said settler groups and Jewish groups that took stormed al-Aqsa mosque on an almost daily basis, and lead some Logo biblical and Talmudic in it, and the accompanying these intrusions of guiding paths and “hortatory” for building the alleged temple on al-Aqsa mosque account, also included in the scheme occupation gradually to deal with the al-Aqsa mosque yards as public squares belonging to the mayor of the Israeli occupation, and noted, “Al-Aqsa Foundation” to look at the maps published by the Israeli occupation in the arms of Jerusalem sees clearly that the occupation is known as the Al-Aqsa mosque yards public squares.

To that in its statement confirmed the “Al-Aqsa Foundation,” the Al-Aqsa Mosque is a prerogative of the Muslims alone, and that the mosque every area of ​​the 144 acres, Bobenith cinderblock and precincts and Bwaikh and walls, above ground and below, is the al-Aqsa mosque, her full divine, and all Ajerouat and Definitions of occupation Ajerouat are void.

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