Slaves: the march of Jerusalem showed a global rejection of the Judaization of the city

Head of global march of Jerusalem , Jordanian Engineers Association Abdullah Obeidat said that the activities of the march , which took place on Friday and Saturday in more than 80 cities around the world, under the slogan ” the world ‘s people want the liberation of Jerusalem,” showed a global rejection of Islamic and Christian , what is under the city of Jerusalem racist practices and Thouidih by the Zionist occupation.

He added in a press statement that more than two million in solidarity around the world participated in the activities of the march, which took place in 42 countries around the world, and that the events that took place were monitored by international human rights organizations, and that such events have an impact when making any decision or position of respect in the city Holy.

He pointed out that the activities of the march, which took place Friday included Jordan, Palestine, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Iran, Sudan, Pakistan, and the cities of Berlin and Stuttgart two Germanies, the British and Manchester City Maslos Dutch, in addition to the demonstration, which was held in front of the UN building in New York.

And saw a number of cities around the world yesterday different events, where he went out in the Swedish city of Malmo on Saturday march bikes to young people carrying Palestinian flags they distributed leaflets about Jerusalem and its place and suffering from the occupation, and was preceded by the allocation of a Friday sermon in all the mosques of the city of Jerusalem.

And I saw the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, a major festival events within the march, as the Lebanese capital, Beirut witnessed the march started from the Barbir Square, right down to the seat (ESCWA).

In the British capital London picket was held and the festival my speech to the Zionist embassy, ​​attended by politicians and speakers from different solidarity organizations, have also been through the distribution of thousands of leaflets around Jerusalem and violations of the occupation the right and the right of its people, it has also devoted dozens of Islamic centers and mosques Friday sermon to talk about Jerusalem and the suffering of its people and the role of the nation in supporting it.

In the city of Dublin, the Irish ran a sit-in which were displayed pictures of Jerusalem in the same place, in the Italian city of Milan was a sit-in in solidarity with Jerusalem, and in Bosnia and Herzegovina held a march in downtown Sarajevo.

In Moscow, Russia’s capital has seen a demonstration, also saw the New Zealand city of Auckland similar march. And launched in Beirut on Sunday, a march towards the Square of the United Nations building, will also see the German city of Frankfurt stand in solidarity with the people of Jerusalem and its holy sites and for two hours.

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