Qaradawi warns of settlement risk: Israel will be gone and will return Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa to the Arabs and Muslims

He called on Arab leaders to unite and take strong positions to prevent Israel from continuing its plans aimed at the Judaization of Jerusalem and the destruction of Al-Aqsa Mosque and pressure it to halt settlement expansion, warning of compromising the Islamic holy sites in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Arabs, Muslims, and appealed to be mujahideen fighters calling for them not to accept themselves the humiliation and shame and not to surrender to the enemies of their Palestinian brothers.

He pointed out that Jews around the world have championed Israel strongly money and politics, weapons and media, and we shrink from the support of our Palestinian brothers.

The new eminence during the Friday sermon delivered yesterday Mosque of Omar bin al-Khattab confirmed the demise of Israel and the return of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque for the Arabs and Muslims, saying: “The Israelis will inevitably disappear in and out of Palestine and we lookout for this day.”

He added that Israel thinks that God has enabled her to the ground, but we say to them: God can not be for you in our land and never Stzlon strangers immigrant rapists.

Sheikh d. Yusuf al – Qaradawi had started his speech yesterday to talk about the brothers in the Holy Quran , stressing that it is higher than that of the lifting of the mother and make diets among people, especially among the brothers who share the same family, and fatherhood and motherhood.
He pointed out that the Koran said two brothers, first: own brothers, and the second: public brothers such as religious brotherhood and national fraternity and brotherhood in humanity.

He said that when a person is a brother of the man he must take care of the right of brotherhood and performs its duty. And harbored for his brother all the best and prevents him all evil, and support him in crises and away the damage.

He pointed out that the Koran told us about a group of brotherly relations, some bad , some good relationships and relationships.
He said the cause of bad relations be described as the most serious cases of humans, heroes of the sons of Adam, Cain and Abel , one is good and the good life and noble moral, and the other represents the power and evil and aggression.

And accept what came in the story Surat table in the words of God Almighty: “And recite to them the story of my son Adam right as closer offering smelters accept from one of them and did not accept the other he said to Oguetlink said God only accepts from the righteous .lin extended your hand to kill me what I’m Bbasit my hand to you to kill you I fear Allah , the Lord of the worlds .ana want to assume Batma and iniquity shall be the owners of the fire and the reward oppressors ”
and pointed out that the story is about my son Adam Atqrban ahead sacrifice him to God smelters accept God did not accept one from the other. Fgar son of Adam , which God did not accept his offering and determination to kill his brother.

He said that the brother was overcome by evil Hqute and my father only to kill his brother, killing him, as mentioned in the Holy Quran: “Aftuat him to kill his brother and killed him himself became one of the losers.”

The first murder

He quoted from the story that the self is inclined towards evil that prompted the son of Adam to kill his brother. The incident was the first murder in the ground. He pointed out that the dead man Wipe off himself and suppression to fear God and fear of the Lord of the Worlds.

Narrated that the killer puzzled at how to bury the corpse of his brother dead man as between the Qur’an: “Then Allah sent a raven looking at the ground to show him how to hide the shame of his brother O Welty incapacitated to be like this crow Vouari shame my brother became regretful. In order that we wrote to the children of Israel said that whoever kills the same or corruption in the earth as if he killed all if it is recited saved all mankind and I came to them Our messengers with clear proofs, and that many of them afterwards in the ground for Mserfon. ”

He concluded from the story that the perpetrator of the first murder in history bears all the murders that took place after the Day of Resurrection as stated in the hadith of the Prophet, peace be upon him: “Do not kill the same injustice, but it was the son of Adam, the first guarantees of blood; it was the first of the age of the killings. ”

He spoke eminence for the brothers in the story of Joseph and his brothers, noting that it possess the patience to create never lost quoting the words of God Almighty: “It should fear and be patient, Allah does not waste the reward of those who do good.”

Moses and Aaron

And display some of the positions of the brothers in the story of Moses and his brother Aaron.
He pointed out that if a person was in charge of a large task that calls upon God to facilitate him as Moses called Rabbo said: “Explain to me the Lord of my chest and facilitated my task for me.”

Sheikh Qaradawi and stopped at some stations in the story of Moses, including the words of God Almighty to Moses and Aaron: “speak to him mildly,” where he ordered them to follow the best approach to invite Pharaoh, noting that good word affect human Had Pharaoh.

Story of Prophet Dawood

He talked about the brothers in the story of Prophet Dawood as it came in the verse: “Is the story the news of the discount as Tsoroa mihrab .az entered on David blown them said do not be afraid foes prostitutes on each other so judge between us right nor Chtt and guide us to the straight path. The this is my brother to him ninety nine ewes Crown ewe and one said Okflanaha and harsh to me in speech .qal have wronged you by asking Njtk to Naajh many of mixtures of wanting each other except those who believe and do good deeds , and a little what they thought of David but Vtnah Fastghafr Rabbo fell kneeling and turns .vgoverna him so that he has we have to Zolfa good journey ‘ . ”
He cautioned that the story of David where myths and untruths mentioned by commentators , citing Israeli unfounded from the Qur’an and Sunnah nor investigators scientists approved.

He concluded that David is a great prophet of the finest and greatest of the prophets is not right in his nothing of Israelis.
And the number of prescriptions of David and how he was the owner of a beautiful voice sings it Vtsamah birds and mountains, and praised by the Prophet , peace be upon him when he told Sahabi Abu Musa al – Ash’ari: “I muster a flute of Al Psalms of David.”

He said that peace be upon him was worshiped pool humble cry to God, and described the Prophet as the best fast fasting when he said: “The best fasting fasting Daoud, was fast on alternate days.”

He pointed to the praise of God Almighty be upon His Messenger of David , saying: “If we have to Zolfa good journey ‘ .”
He quoted from the story of David on is important in the judiciary and the rule among the people is that the judge has to take a step back and linger and listen to the argument of the parties, and not be judged for one of the parties unless the other party heard, and that governs the right not emotion does not follow fancy Vidilh for the sake of Allah.

Israel’s demise

The new D.alkarzaoa human demise of Israel and the return of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque for the Arabs and Muslims, said: “The Israelis will inevitably disappear in and out of Palestine and we lookout for this day.”

He added: “We have to prepare and prepare ourselves and prepare our youth for today”
and spoke of Sheikh Qaradawi for Israelis celebrate 64 years on the establishment of the State of Israel, and the concomitant recovery of the Palestinian Nakba painful memories.

And accept how could Hmaz prospects who came from the country , “Bulwark protective” of East and West to infiltrate and succeed in the establishment of the state – without the right – in our country.
And recounted how the State of Israel was created in the absence of the Arab awakening. And how it transformed from a state of “alleged” in the opinion of the Arabs to a de facto state in the eyes of many countries of the world.

He pointed out that the course of events proved that the Arabs came close are they alleged, even though they are the owners of the right and the earth, where they became strangers in their own land , and guests of the others.
He pointed out that Israel has become control the Palestinians also want.
Sheikh Qaradawi expressed his sorrow for what it has become the case in Palestine, where most of the Palestinian land has become in the hands of the Jews , including Jerusalem and Al – Aqsa Mosque.

He stressed that the maximum position of pointing out what came in Surat Al-Isra: “Praise the prisoners servant by night from the Sacred Mosque to the Aqsa Mosque, which blessed him to show him of Our Signs, He is the Hearing, the Seeing” of the link between the Grand Mosque Al-Aqsa Mosque to signify the holiness of the mosques and it is not permissible to alienate in any of them. It is hyper-Aqsa mosque can be overdone in the Grand Mosque.

He said that both the issue of Jerusalem and the idea of two states is threatened.
He warned of the dangers of the Israeli settlement expansion , which builds cities and parts of cities every day on the land of Palestine “against us and despite our noses.”

He asked: Where are the Arab and Islamic country and those who are jealous of Jerusalem on what is happening in Palestine?
He cautioned that Palestine alone can not fight Israel, because the Zionist state have weapons that can fight all the Arabs , how the Palestinians can face them?

He called for an Arab position and rallied backer of the Palestinians in the face of “Ghoul predator” like to park the Jews in the East and the West and with Israel advocacy with full force.
Arabs, Muslims , and appealed to be fighters and mujahideen and talking to them , saying: ” I do not accept humiliation brothers and salute no enemies.”

He pointed out that Jews around the world have championed Israel strongly money and politics, weapons and media, we do not stand in solidarity with our Palestinian brothers.

He said: “If Israel thinks it has enabled them in the ground, and we say: No, God can not be you, Israelis never in our land, Stzlon immigrant rapists are strangers.”

A fixed position

He added: “Our position will remain unchanged that the Israelis usurpers of our land until they return to their country.
He stressed that the usurpers aggressors will return to their country they came from no matter how long it takes. ”
He emphasized that we have with us people of religion of non – Zionist Jews ” are certain that the situation will not last for Israel.”
The confident tone of his words: ” The Israelis will inevitably disappear in and out of Palestine and we lookout for this day.”
He said , we have to brace and prepare ourselves and prepare our young people for the day, stressing that we will never give in and never let the Zionists are killing our brothers and demolish their homes every day.

It was understood that the health of his people in the ways of God requires that injustice does not continue

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