Pictures two thousand settlers and sixty thousand tourists stormed the Al-Aqsa and Dnsuh since the beginning of the year

Al – Aqsa Foundation for Waqf and Heritage” warned in a press report circulated on Wednesday, 03/28/2012, that the Israeli occupation continue to violate the sanctity of Al – Aqsa Mosque and assault him, through incursions campaigns for settlers and Jewish groups, teams and intelligence teams Israeli soldiers in their military uniforms, and noted , “Al – Aqsa Foundation” that the level of abuse and its size has escalated since the beginning of the year 2012, where the number of army divisions doubled occupation who stormed the Al Aqsa mosque military uniforms and teams intelligence six times in the first three months of the year compared to the same period last year, as It was noted the increasing desecration of foreign tourists to the Al – Aqsa mosque and their acts obscene encouragement of the Israeli occupation, and said , “Al – Aqsa Foundation , the number of settlers and Jewish groups who Aqsa stormed over the past three months – until the date on Tuesday – were 1034 settlers, while the number of foreign tourists reached 63,887 tourists a foreigner, either the number of soldiers military uniformed and intelligence services and special police reached 983 element, this has documented the “Al – Aqsa Foundation , ” these attacks with photographs and through the witnesses and the presence of a field -, to it , “Al – Aqsa Foundation , ” it called on parents in the city of Jerusalem and the Palestinian inside presence and Rabat constant communication with Al Aqsa mosque, and supplying the al – Aqsa mosque the largest number of worshipers per day, while scholars and rulers of Arab and Islamic peoples and called for more support of the activities and the protection of Al – Aqsa mosque and Jerusalem.
The settlers desecrate Al – Aqsa Mosque Bagthamathm their prayers and biblical and Talmudic:

She said , “Al – Aqsa Foundation , ” that there is occupational scheme to impose a new crescendo in the al – Aqsa mosque and the reality of my oppression, through the imposition of incursions frequent Al – Aqsa Mosque by settlers and Jewish groups, and repeat Tdnashm Al – Aqsa Mosque, by performing religious rituals of a Jewish Torah and Talmud in different parts of the Al – Aqsa Mosque , so there are sometimes individual incursions and sometimes a mass break – ins, and participate in this male and female desecration and the younger generation, as well as a number of “Jewish religious authorities,” and a number of politicians and members of the Knesset , the Jews, and official figures in the arms of the occupation, and associated intrusions, guarded by Israeli troops and allocates occupation morning hours brilliant, and again in the afternoon for the implementation of these intrusions and Altdnissat, which is usually repeated a pace greater numbers in ” the Jewish holiday season,” the number of settlers who stormed and desecrated the Al – Aqsa mosque during the three months of this year amounted to 1043 settlers (January 474 settlers, settler in February 305, March 264 settlers).
Israeli soldiers and teams Intelligence doubled Aguethamadtha the maximum six times:
” The Al – Aqsa Foundation”: “that one of the most prominent impose a fait accompli and implementation of occupational scheme in the al – Aqsa mosque policies, what became known incursions occupation army teams of military uniforms, where the Israeli occupation since the beginning of the year campaigns to break – ins from Army teams occupying military uniformed, maximum crowds storming, in crowds, accompanied by Israeli police and guided by them, and walking around in all the al – Aqsa mosque facilities, through a round of guidance, accompanied by picking individual and collective images, and multiple forms of military teams this, sometimes be mixed male and female and sometimes, special teams for males and another for females, and in the same context , it has escalated to storm the intelligence occupation teams Al – Aqsa mosque since the beginning of the year, and became the intrusion repeatedly and collectively, and the number of intruders from the army ‘s military uniformed and intelligence multiplied six – fold, where the maximum stormed in three months , the first of this General 983 army and intelligence element (January 259 element, element 361 in February, March , element 363), while stormed last year in the same three months 173 component.
Foreign tourists violate the maximum sanctity of uniformed scandalous and their outrages:
At the same time observed in this year that the Israeli occupation encourages incursions of foreign tourists to the Al – Aqsa Mosque, and deliberately admitted uniformed Hardcore, contrary to the sanctity of Al – Aqsa Mosque, as the occupation to guard foreign tourists groups through collective tours in the Far, and punctuated by acts of indecent obscene, as an exchange kisses, and incubation, and other practices that are contrary to morality, prevents Israeli occupation none of the worshipers or even guards of Al Aqsa mosque from approaching these tour groups, and threatens to arrest and prosecute anyone who tries to prevent the tourists from committing such shameful acts, noting that the Islamic Waqf confirmed that these tour groups enter the Al Aqsa all their will and against her will , and that the guards of al – Aqsa mosque are trying to prevent this desecration of the maximum despite all the harassment by the Israeli occupation forces, this is the total number of tourists who broke into and desecrated the Al – Aqsa mosque in the last three months , 63,887 foreign tourists (tourists December 21 370, 20 167 tourists in February, March , 22 350 tourists).

Consensus to reject intrusions and sacrilegious assault on the sanctity of Al – Aqsa Mosque:
This revealed director of the Islamic Waqf in Jerusalem , Sheikh Azzam al – Khatib for a new change occurred in the Israeli government ‘s handling of Al – Aqsa Mosque is escalating inadvertently touches the sanctity of the holy mosque and portends a great danger of the militarization of the Aqsa Mosque. Said Sheikh al – Khatib in a press statement that since the fifth of last January became the Israeli authorities to allow Israeli soldiers and intelligence personnel raided the mosque and organizes them tours of the mosque Yards, has increased the pace of these tours in the last period, confirmed al – Khatib that there are some Israeli obstacles in the restoration projects in the Al – Aqsa mosque, which is carried out by the Islamic Waqf in Jerusalem, as well as in the private Al – Aqsa mosque fire extinguishers project where still refuses Israeli authorities to allow the entry of fire vehicles donated by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan , specifically for the benefit of the Islamic Waqf in Jerusalem to put them in the Al Aqsa mosque.

In an interview with Sheikh Abdel Azim Salhab -rias Council Waqf Muslim in Jerusalem – Commenting said: “We are looking very dangerous to these intrusions and the violation of the sanctity of Al-Aqsa Mosque, regrettably Al-Aqsa mosque brazen by the arms of Israeli security that go into these extremists who are always trying to prejudice the sanctity Al Aqsa mosque, the Muslims have a duty to uphold the legitimate right to get to the Al Aqsa mosque in all the time and when, even fail these violations, the existence of worshipers at all times is the safety valve to keep the Al-Aqsa mosque, we would not be intimidated by Israeli police attempts that try terrorizing people, and pull their identities and try to to prevent them from reaching the Al Aqsa mosque, severe and, unfortunately, not one of the measures of the occupation delivers even Waqf officials, Israeli police are trying to harm them and prevent them from carrying out their work. ”

He said Sheikh Abdel Azim about the violation of tourists to the sanctity of Al-Aqsa mosque, saying: “The guards Al Aqsa Mosque to educate these tourists that their intervention, Israeli police forcibly removed from the door seized by the Israeli occupation forces since 1967, in spite of Awqaf and Adechlonhm from one side, border guards should they will try to prevent these manifestations, which are incompatible with our ethics and our religious law, and every Muslim demands that keeps his part, the sanctity of Al-Aqsa mosque, and must be a joint effort, because these people do not know and do not know the sanctity of al-Aqsa mosque, they should educate them and try them understand the sanctity of Al-Aqsa mosque, Al-Aqsa mosque and the whole mosque, and others must respect the sanctity of places of worship.

So stressed, “Al-Aqsa Foundation,” it fully rejects all types of abuse and violation of the sanctity of Al-Aqsa Mosque, whether at the level of break-ins settlers or Israeli soldiers on different kinds, or break-ins and practices of foreign tourists, saying that these attacks alone or in a group, constitute crimes against the Al-Aqsa mosque, and it does not in any way considered normal visits or routine for the Al-Aqsa mosque, also it called the occupation and Pls diverse, and will continue to be all of these allegations and the Israeli actions

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