Spanish team Barcelona defender Gerard Pique praying at the Wailing Wall

It seems that FC Barcelona title championships Spanish Premier League soccer holder and the Champions League will lose more fans of the Arabs and Muslims because of the actions of their players and their coach Guardiola.

Arab masses love for the club Catalans have been traumatized following the announcement of coach Pep Guardiola his intention to visit the Zionist entity to attend Israel’s annual festival of music and culture to celebrate the establishment of the Jewish state at the invitation of his girlfriend, singer Zionist Ohinwam Nini, known as NOAA, which she sang at the ceremony.

The NOAA has called Guardiola to attend the ceremony if the Catalan club win the Champions League after they met through a revival concert in Barcelona, ​​and the young man answered the call for the trainer, where he spent four days in the Palestinian capital of Jerusalem.

After visiting Guardiola several days, defender began yesterday and the Spanish team Gerard Pique’s visit to the Jewish state, accompanied by his girlfriend, singer Colombian famous Shakira, which has received an invitation from the Chairman Shimon Peres entity Alshoeni to attend a lecture entitled “to face tomorrow, 2011,” which related to the protection and education of children in the social issues discussed the whole world.

And it focused on the Israeli media to follow up all the movements of Pique and Shakira. Both of whom expressed his happiness to visit Israel and pray at the Western Wall, which limits the Al-Aqsa Mosque from the west.

This comes after the announcement of Qatar, Qatar Foundation for concluding the auspices of the Spanish club was held to show the Arab organization’s name on team jerseys beginning of next season, does that mean further normalization between the State of Qatar and the Jewish state? Or is the whole thing is nothing more than the fact we we Arabs trivial many that care about global clubs our emotions?

How about if we are Arabs and Muslims, we announced a massive campaign to boycott the club may result in a formal apology to us? Or that the Zionist state has become pervasive in various spheres of life until I got to the sport could push Barcelona to overlook our province and marginalize us dependent on so many of us love to his players and their outstanding performance?

I’ve been one of the Catalan club’s fans, but I made a decision to stop and start encouraging a boycott, do many people follow my example?

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