Campaign “Saddle backpacker” led by the Palestinians of the Diaspora in support of Jerusalem

In an exclusive interview with the way the Secretary – General of the Conference of Jerusalem and the campaign spoke Saddle backpacker Dr. Hesham Tellawi on the merits of the initiative , which came from an idea to be held in July conference in 2011 in the city of Jerusalem , “which occupied trying truncated Palestinian body”, In the words of Tallawy.
Communication and education major axes based on them campaign activity, where Altilawy explained that communication with the people of Jerusalem and support them morally and materially is as important as the other goal of educating the children of the Palestinians in the western Diaspora specifically, increasing their affiliation to their homeland.
Tallawy and among the founding conference will be on the committees concerned with the suffering of the most important hubs of Jerusalem, and the displacement of Judaization and other Israeli policies are programmed, as well as educational programs on the aspiration of the Palestinian diaspora destroyed villages and the suffering of the barriers and the apartheid wall.
Tallawy also pointed out that the response to the campaign is very good because it is based on a simple idea is far from empty slogans of action and implementation, and stated that the registration of the campaign begins in two weeks

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