All you need to know about Galvanic turbidity analyzers

Galvanic turbidity analyzers are analysis devices from galvanic applied sciences. Galvanic Applied Sciences is an analytical instrumentations corporation dedicated to producing water processing devices.

In a wide array of application fields such as brewing, pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, and surveillance of contamination in industrial wastewaters, a galvanic turbidity analyzer becomes handy. With its Monitek optical-technology inspired turbidity analyzers, Galvanic delivers one of the top performance-to-cost ratio turbidity analysis solutions on offer today. Among its top notch components include submersible cell-density probes, automated cleaning cycles, and in-line sensors

The rigidity and reliability of the sensors and probes to conform to a wide range of needs is made possible with the following features;

  • Light absorption and light scattering methods
  • Configurable sensor options that meet application defined requirements such as process connections, optical path length, temperature, pressure and so on.
  • Compact and modular optics
  • Custom made yet standardized sensor cells
  • Low price and high-performance advantage

The flexibility of the machine and its economical operations are made possible with the following features;

  • Easy to set up interactive and multilingual graphical user interface
  • More than one communication lines including relay alarms, integral data logging, modus protocols, and computer connection and so on.
  • A single messenger controller can engage with any combination formation of sensors (color, turbidity, TSS) totaling to a maximum of four sensor outputs.
  • Automatic alerts by messenger outputs concerning unprecedented situations such as upset in process conditions filter breakthrough detection and need for chemical dosing.
  • Sensor-specific interface channels linked to the messenger to individual multi-unit data output

Advantages of Galvanic turbidity analyzers
Monitek product line, for instance, can perform an array of roles such as processing suspended solids, determining turbidity, and analyzing the color of water. The in-line sensors present in Galvanic monitor portray the information in real-time hence eliminating periodic sampling and lag time.

Monitek also provides both acoustical and optical sensor technologies to match all monitoring needs of the user. Versatility, communication, cost, and management aspects set it apart from most of its rivals in the market.

Selected industries and applications

  • Aggregate
  • Treatment of wastewater and controlling the chemical dosing process by monitoring suspended solids
  • Food and Beverage industries
  • Monitoring beer filtration process and analyzing the turbidity of food products
  • Petrochemical industries
  • Determining the quality and color of naphtha in crude oil distillation units
  • Determining APHA color in the HCL production
  • Personal care and Pharmaceutical products
  • Monitoring filtered water process.
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