Balance offers a petition to the Supreme Court against the decision to close the Jerusalem Development Foundation

Advanced Balance Foundation for Human Rights in Nazareth petitioned the Israeli Supreme Court against the decision of the Inspector General of Police to close the Jerusalem Development Corporation, where has a large force of police and security forces raided the Jerusalem Development Foundation offices in Beit Hanina and the confiscation of computers and leaves a […]

Little Known Ways to Improve Car Life

Cars have always been a good means of transportation and since it has become a convenient way to go from one place to another there are a lot more people these days who really look into saving up money to be able to buy one, with some even got a premium protection for a secure […]

Damascus gate in Jerusalem

Displays the image, to one of the famous heritage monuments in the city of Jerusalem, Damascus Gate, and in the year 1928, by the Zionist occupation of Palestine. The Damascus Gate, or the Damascus gate, or the door of Nablus, as they say to him, is one of the most important and beautiful gates of […]