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Jordan's initiative to declare Jerusalem the eternal capital of Arab culture

Announced in Amman on Thursday evening for an initiative to proclamation of Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Arab culture. And Mohamed Al - Abbadi representative of the Minister of State for Media Affairs and Minister of Culture of Jordan during a ceremony organized by the Cultural Forum units evening at Al Hussein Cultural Center under the "spring of Jerusalem , the fourth" Festival of the Ministry of Culture 's efforts to adopt Jerusalem as the capital slogan of Arab culture since its launch Aban meeting of Arab Ministers of Culture in 2006 .
  • Raed Salah: Why do we prevent from the Far visit and allows other characters?

    Criticized Sheikh Raed Salah , the leader of the Islamic Movement in Palestine occupied in 48 visits by the Arab and Muslim figures to Jerusalem and Al Aqsa Mosque under the protection of the occupation. In remarks to Al Jazeera television on Wednesday evening (19/4) Sheikh Salah said: 'I came back two days ago to a land blessed and from the airport took me to the police station and handed me a military order to prevent me from entering Jerusalem, how can we explain that this military occupation prevents me from entering Jerusalem and at the same time allows to some Arab and Muslim figures to enter the heart of Jerusalem, a Far?

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